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Everyone can improve their diet by making gradual changes... Many people are very resistant and reluctant to make changes in their diet.  You will discover as you read through the website that vegetarian and vegan diets are being recommended.  You will also notice that animal foods are also listed throughout as a source of nutrients, which is a matter of fact.  They should not be your first choice as there are plenty of plant-based options that supply superior quality nutritional value.  But even if "going vegan" is not on your "to do" list, keep in mind that even cutting back on your consumption of animal proteins and switching to organic, humane, grass-fed and free range versions are not only better for the animals' welfare but [...]

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Reading & Learning: Recommended for You

Stuff Worth Reading If you're looking to broaden your horizons, nothing beats reading a good book or an editorial that doesn't repeat the same headlines over and over again! Newspapers These days, it's hard to determine how much of what you're reading is true. And even if it is, what aren't they telling you? At the end of an article, do you end up with more questions than answers? Most of the mainstream media outlets (TV & Newspapers) in North America are owned by the same half dozen Big Wigs who also own Pharmaceutical companies. These bigwigs actually dictate what they will allow reporters to talk about and what to say. If you're starting to feel a little manipulated by the media, it's time to [...]

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My Mission

Your health is in your hands! This Website is a compilation of food-related solutions and suggestions to help you deal with, control and even eliminate countless health issues.  It is for people who no longer want to feel victimized by their own poor health and helpless to do anything about it.  If you have an “umbilical cord” connected to your doctor, and a plethora of pharmaceutical pills you must take to keep you alive every day, please know that you do have the power to improve your health simply by changing the food choices you make. Decide to be the boss of you... Depending on your health right now, you can make these changes slowly over a period of time that allows your taste buds [...]

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About Me

Welcome Kindred Health-Seekers! My name is Linda & I've had a lifelong interest in health, nutrition and how the two are inter-connected. I decided to take charge of my own health by learning everything I can from the hundreds of experts out there that have so much knowledge to share.  After realizing that Doctors barely get any education on diet and how food is directly connected to health, I decided to study this subject myself.  Then, after reading various books and articles written by highly respected authorities, I noticed alot of discrepancies and conflicting information coming from these educated and experienced professionals.  So, who's telling the truth?  If one person is right, does that make the other ones wrong? What these doctors and scientists tell [...]

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