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If you don’t love what you do, then do what you love!

If you’re struggling with choosing the best way to make a living, look inward. Then decide on your priorities…

Usually, we see 2 options:

First Option

  1. Get a regular job doing whatever, with a steady paycheque and maybe a pension waiting at the end of the tunnel
    • at least you can count on having money coming in regularly to pay the bills
    • even if you have to put up with nasty bosses & co-workers you can’t stand
    • resign yourself to the standard 40 hour workweek (or often even more)
    • accept that you will be spending 3/4 of your waking hours with fellow employees as opposed to your friends and family
    • let’s not forget the benefits (if there’s a package offered)
    • a whole week or two vacation time for the first few years – woo hoo…
    • let’s not forget that pension to look forward to in 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 years – woo hoo… (if you don’t die first, that is…)
    • so what if you’re doing something you hate
    • so what if it’s making you sick (from stress, anxiety, physical demands, conflicts etc…) – benefits will partially pay for the drugs to deal with all that (if you get benefits)
    • you’ve got to support your family somehow

Second Option

  1. Follow your heart, indulge your passion and put all your eggs into the “hobby” basket
    • you’ll have fun until you can’t pay the bills and end up feeling like a complete failure


Is failure a foregone conclusion? A self-fulfilling prophecy? How stupid can you be to think you could actually be successful doing something that matters to you?

Believe in yourself and you’re more than halfway there!

What if this thing you want to do involves helping other people in some way? But you can’t do it because…

  • you don’t have the education
  • you would need tons of experience before people would take you seriously
  • everybody tells you it’s a pipe dream
  • you need to be practical about making a living
  • you have no money
  • it’s just a hobby
  • you can’t afford to fail

BUT, the road to success is built on struggle and failure, how do you plan to get there?

ENTER: Visionary Business School – an online educational program which I gratefully completed in 2017 and I am more than happy to recommend! This opportunity came into my life at the perfect time. And I’m so glad I went for it.

This course is only offered once a year and provided to you with tender, loving, care – Seriously!

Is it time for you to fulfill your destiny? If not now, then when?

Would you like a helping hand, guidance, support & encouragement as you head down the path to self-fulfillment?

This course is taught by Ryan Eliason, a truly genuine and caring person (I know, hard to believe cause it sounds too good to be true). Ryan has reached out to former graduates of VBS like myself to help spread the word that the 2019 class is almost ready to start up. I most certainly would not be doing this if I wasn’t happy with the program I paid for. But, as you might find out if you choose to take the class, you will be getting sooooo much more bang for your buck than you can ever imagine.

So who is Ryan Eliason? Click here to read his bio!

Don’t miss the free VBS Introductory Series starting June 13th, 2019!

Find out all you need to know about Visionary Business School directly from Ryan Eliason himself. Decide if this program is right for you. See for yourself what the program offers and if it aligns with the vision you have for your future!