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Earth Day

In honour of Canada's 150th Birthday, events have been organized across the country to celebrate Earth Day.  Focus is on the great outdoors to foster appreciation for Mother Nature and all she has to offer. Now, more than ever, especially with our increasing preoccupation with computers and dependance on technological devices, it's important to remember that these items are conveniences, not essential for our daily existence (I know, hard for the younger generation to imagine) but true nonetheless. This day, make an effort to leave your technological gadgets in the house while you go outside and enjoy the fresh air.  If the air where you live is not so fresh, that's exactly the point of Earth day/week/month.  This is the time to do something beneficial [...]

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Earth Month

April is "Earth Month"! April 20 - 26 is Earth Week & April 22nd is Earth Day! And for those of us living in colder, northern regions of the planet, April is the first full month of spring.  The snow has melted (or is melting), bulbs are sprouting out of the ground and blooming, buds are showing up on shrubs and trees.  It's a time of rebirth filled with hope and anticipation after a long cold winter. But we cannot take these things for granted anymore.  Modern civilisation, growing populations, industry & waste have all taken their toll on our planet, which is why we dedicate this month to pay special recognition to the planet that sustains us.  So, during this month, every year, think [...]

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