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Local acummulation of liquid, plasmatic protein and white blood cells from blood vessels.

Functional Medicine: Looking for Root Causes

What is "Functional Medicine"? It's the most comprehensive type of health care! Why? Because the doctors who practice Functional Medicine treat each person as an individual. Forget about "one size fits all"! Whatever your condition, these Doctors will take the steps necessary to figure out the root cause of your problem. And once they find the cause(s), treatment will include dietary adjustments best suited for your genetic makeup. Since nutrition plays a big part in everyone's health, what can YOU do to help figure out your Ailment? Functional Medicine is a wonderful hybrid! Functional Medicine is Naturopathic medicine combined with the latest scientific research. But this is not a new concept; it was created by Jeffery Bland, M.D., in 1990. It is based on the theory that [...]

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Curcumin – Magic Relief for Inflammation!

Smokey - My Elderly Bunny My 13 year-old bunny Smokey started exhibiting signs of arthritis in the summer of 2015.  By the winter of 2016, the local vet prescribed "Apo-Meloxicam", an anti-inflammatory drug generally given to cats and dogs. Unfortunately, drug companies would rather use rabbits as guinea pigs to experiment on rather than creating drugs to ease their pain. That department is reserved for more common pets like cats, dogs & horses. I was told this drug might help but it had possible negative/deadly side effects (as is the case with all drugs for animals or people). After giving him this medication for several months, I could see no improvement in his condition. But I knew about curcumin as a natural, vegetarian, anti-inflammatory remedy that [...]

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Smart Meal Plans for Chronic Inflammation

A great site to help you follow Dr. Seignalet's Hypotoxic Diet as per the information provided by Jacqueline Lagace's book "The End of Pain". Smart Meal plans AGAINST CHRONIC INFLAMMATION A growing body of research suggests that changes in one's diet could alleviate - and in certain cases, even bring an end to - chronic pain and allow people with chronic inflammatory diseases to lead a normal life. This diet, which targets chronic inflammation, is also known as hypotoxic diet. It also shares most aspects of the ancestral or paleolithic diet, except for the presence of grains and legumes, which are excluded from the paleolithic diet. Source: Smart Meal Plans for Chronic Inflammation

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Hypotoxic Diet: Your Guide to Fighting Chronic Inflammatory Disease

An informative article written by Dr. Jacqueline Lagace regarding her experience with the Hypotoxic Diet and the reasons why it works. Dr Jacqueline Lagacé discusses the Hypotoxic Diet and the links between the modern diet and chronic inflammatory disease. Source: Hypotoxic Diet: Your Guide to Fighting Chronic Inflammatory Disease - Ageless Living Magazine

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The End of Pain: How Diet Can Fight Chronic Inflammatory Disease

"The End of Pain" is a very informative book about fighting chronic inflammatory disease through nutrition.  It was translated from french and is based on the late Dr. Seignalet's "Hypotoxic Diet".  Definitely worth reading if you are a sufferer, especially since the author was motivated to write this book based on her own personal experience.  There is some information on this site about the author and the book but the majority of the site is in french. Our diet and inflammatory disease are intimately connected. In The End of Pain, author Jacqueline Lagacé outlines how the “hypotoxic” diet, developed by French physician and medical researcher Dr. Jean Seignalet, helped combat her own inflammatory disease symptoms and ended the accompanying pain, just as it had for [...]

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