Canada Food Guide: New & Improved

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Canada Food Guide: New & Improved

The Best Food Guide so far…

I am so pleased with the new Canada Food Guide! Congratulations to all Canadians who participated in the surveys that were provided! These surveys collected the feedback used to create a much more accurate example of what healthy eating should be. It is REALLY encouraging to see that so many people are realizing the importance of increasing their plant-based diets!

No mention of Organic & Non-GMO plants in Canada Food Guide

Now, we need the government to take steps to improve the quality of those plants. Only pesticide-free, organic plants are truly healthy to eat. In other words, GMO plants (plants genetically implanted with genes that make them resistant to herbicides & pesticides) AND the use of these poisons on the plants we eat, turn them into deadly weapons. Our immune systems perceive foreign organisms as enemy invaders (and rightly so). This triggers inflammatory responses as a method of protection. These constant attacks by compromised plants wreak havoc in our bodies instead of being the providers of the nutrients we need to stay healthy. Why doesn’t the Canada Food Guide mention any of this? Learn more about Organic vs GMO’s

Let your wallet do the talking!

The Canada Food Guide is created by the government. But there are major conflicts between what is healthy for us and the unhealthy industries supported by the government. Learn more about this by reading FAQ’s . A healthy plant-based diet means plants that are organically cultivated without the use of poisons. That’s why it’s so important to buy organic products as much as possible. For more info about nutritional content of food, read about Nutrients. When people stop buying food that they know is making them sick, profits will decrease for the pesticide & herbicide producers. Producers & retailers function on the rule of supply & demand. If we stop buying non-organic foods, demand for these disease-causing foods will decrease. Consequently, poison manufacturers will experience decreased incentives to keep pushing their products on massive agri-businesses. We as consumers truly do have control over what types of food the grocery stores offer. Don’t wait for the next Canada Food Guide to tell you all this! It’s always about the bottom line, so let’s hit them where it hurts!

Check out Canada’s New & Improved Food Guide !

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