Manufactured by Mother Nature…

Nutrients are the ingredients provided by Mother Nature that our bodies require to function and stay alive.  The modern world we now live in has evolved in a manner whereby the fast-paced nature of our lives no longer allows us the “leisure” time required to prepare and consume healthy meals.  The demands of our work-obsessed society has shifted our priorities away from health and happiness to all-consuming careers that may or may not provide you with a decent income, but certainly don’t allow you the personal time required to focus on your own well-being.

Depleted by Industry: The Cost of Convenience

Industry has obliged by providing us with the convenience of instant, pre-packaged “food”.  What we now realize (with the alarming rates of increased diseases and obesity among our North American population) is that the processes used to create these “fast foods” involves depleting them of most necessary nutrients that used to nourish our bodies and keep us healthy.  Instead of re-fuelling our bodies with the nutrients we need to function, we are  left filling our stomachs with “empty” calories.  We feel temporarily full, but have not provided our system with any of the nutrients it needs, and worse, we are over-consuming certain ingredients to the point of causing harm.  Industry has long ago discovered which cheap ingredients are addictive (salt & sugar, for example), and generously includes these in their processed foods to ensure consumers continue purchasing their products.

Don’t be a victim!

We need to get away from the cheap, packaged foods we’re accustomed to purchasing and switch to more “live” foods that grow in gardens.  With some effort, you need to start looking around your favourite grocery store to determine what they offer in terms of healthy foods.  Some stores don’t offer much and what they do offer is scattered throughout the store, making it difficult to find the healthy choices, whereas other stores have dedicated sections for the healthy alternatives, which involves alot less searching throughout the store on your part.  You may have to switch grocery stores to make your shopping experience healthier and less complicated.

Be Pro-Active; stop paying manufacturers to make you sick!

Consumer education and demand is making these healthier foods more common-place and easier for us to find and prepare our meals.  Grocery stores and convenience food producers are not concerned about your health.  Family Doctors are not educated about nutrition and work with a system that is driven by the Pharmaceutical Industry, which is in it for the money.  YOU are the one who needs to take charge of your own health and make the decision to start providing your body with the nutrients it requires so you won’t have to go to the Doctor who, in turn, won’t have to prescribe you any chemicals as a bandaid for your ailments.