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Canada Food Guide: New & Improved

The Best Food Guide so far... I am so pleased with the new Canada Food Guide! Congratulations to all Canadians who participated in the surveys that were provided! These surveys collected the feedback used to create a much more accurate example of what healthy eating should be. It is REALLY encouraging to see that so many people are realizing the importance of increasing their plant-based diets! No mention of Organic & Non-GMO plants in Canada Food Guide Now, we need the government to take steps to improve the quality of those plants. Only pesticide-free, organic plants are truly healthy to eat. In other words, GMO plants (plants genetically implanted with genes that make them resistant to herbicides & pesticides) AND the use of these poisons on [...]

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Love Animals? Which Ones Deserve Your Love?

Of Course We Love Animals! Many of us love animals, but if you're an animal lover, exactly what does that mean? Does it mean you love only cats? Or cats & dogs? Or only horses? Do bunnies count? What about gerbils and finches? How about farm animals like cows and pigs and sheep and chickens? Do they count? Some people eat wild animals so they hunt them for their meat. Some people like hunting wild animals for the "trophy" of a stuffed head. What about all the people who like to eat meat but don't like to hunt? Do farm animals deserve your love? Selective Love These are questions most of us would rather not answer because we'd have to draw a clear line somewhere. [...]

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The Gut! The Gut! – Its All About The Gut!

  Check out this site by Daniel, "The Kimchi King", as he shares his knowledge and expertise about probiotics and gut health.  Very informative with tons of links if you are seeking more details.  Classes offered regularly in Kelowna, BC. "Optimizing food potential using natural microbes and energy free preservation techniques to promote gut & overall health".  Become aware of your microbiome as a new friend! Source: The Gut! The Gut! - Its All About The Gut!

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BenBella Vegan: Resources for Plant-Based Eating

A great resource for recipes and information based on the discoveries made by Dr. T. Colin Campbell as published in his book, " The China Study". BenBella Books has been publishing resources for the plant-based community since the release of Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s groundbreaking book, The China Study, nearly 10 years ago. We’re proud to be part of this passionate and progressive movement, and we hope our titles help you on your plant-based journey. Source: BenBella Vegan | Resources for Plant-Based Eating

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Smart Meal Plans for Chronic Inflammation

A great site to help you follow Dr. Seignalet's Hypotoxic Diet as per the information provided by Jacqueline Lagace's book "The End of Pain". Smart Meal plans AGAINST CHRONIC INFLAMMATION A growing body of research suggests that changes in one's diet could alleviate - and in certain cases, even bring an end to - chronic pain and allow people with chronic inflammatory diseases to lead a normal life. This diet, which targets chronic inflammation, is also known as hypotoxic diet. It also shares most aspects of the ancestral or paleolithic diet, except for the presence of grains and legumes, which are excluded from the paleolithic diet. Source: Smart Meal Plans for Chronic Inflammation

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