There are 7 types of coronaviruses that have been infecting people for ages. Governments started identifying them in the 1960’s. Covid-19 is the latest strain and highly infectious. Because the incubation period can take up to 24 days before showing symtoms, the ability for the disease to spread is magnified because contagious people can infect so many others before ever realizing that they are sick.

Flu Viruses can be Overcome by Strong Immune Systems

Like most other flu viruses, affected people will feel under the weather; we cough, sneeze, have fevers, chills, muscle aches, headaches etc. We take medicines (natural or not), we rest, we recuperate. As this is a new strain, we don’t have natural antibodies to combat it. People with strong immune systems who catch this virus will develop new antibodies to combat these invaders. Unfortunately, vulnerable people will have more difficulties because their immune systems are weak or compromised. These are usually the very young and very old.

An estimated 56,000 people die every year from flu-related symptoms. This does not make news headlines but is a fact.

What Should you Do if you Feel Sick?


If you don’t like being sick, your best defence is a strong immune system. Immunity requires nutrients & probiotics from a whole-food plant-based diet. Drink lots of water every day and engage in physical activities every week. This does not guarantee you won’t get sick because we are constantly exposed to new, man-made invasive pathogens. But, your body’s ability to fight these “aliens” will be much stronger as it creates new antibodies that will recognize and fight that specific virus next time it comes around. So, your recovery time will be much shorter.


  • Simple things like avoiding door knobs and anything most people touch in public places goes a long way.
  • Never touch your eyes, ears, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Regularly washing your hands is an easy way to protect yourself.
  • Keep your distance from obviously sick people
  • Nurture your immune system by eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise


If you develop symptoms and your health is vulnerable, talk to your doctor and take precautions not to infect others if you have to go to the doctor. Otherwise, be responsible and stay at home.

  • Rest & Recuperate: ignoring your body’s need to rest will only exarcebate & prolong your illness.
    • If you force your body to do other things when you’re sick, you take away the energy it needs to focus on annihilating the virus
    • sleeping and taking hot baths will help you recover faster
  • Drink plenty of water and herbal teas.
    • Try eating mostly “liquid” foods like pureed soups. Food requires a lot of effort from your digestive system to process. By minimizing the effort required to break down various foods, more energy can be focused on eliminating the sickness in your body
  • Boost your immune system with Vitamin C  and other multi-vitamin combinations that specifically help with immunity. This has not been publicized in mainstream media but the Chinese have been administering Vitamin C intravenously to patients affected by CoVid-19

So Where Did The CoVid-19 Virus Come From?

If you are satisfied with what mainstream media tells you on the news, then you can stop reading now. These days, unpleasant truths are discredited as “conspiracy theories” and the people who reveal them are labeled as quacks.

Knowing the truth can become a very disillusionning and even unbearable experience. No one wants to believe this sort of thing actually happens in our modern, “civilized” society. Dr. Francis Boyle is the american creator of the “BioWeapons Act”, also known at the “Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989”. He is a professor of international law who’s job includes researching any kind of information that relates to his area of expertise. Dr. Boyle is only one of many who are speaking the truth about the origin of this virus. Mainstream media (all major news networks are owned by the same people who own the pharmaceutical companies) have been doing their best to stifle those who’ve been speaking out about this, but the truth is seeping out through the cracks.

A couple of other well-respected people talking about this include well-known radio host Rush Limbaugh and Senator Tom Cotton, a Harvard-educated lawyer and U.S. Army infantry officer with combat experience. Now, the Chinese scientists are even admitting the virus did not originate in the Wuhan Seafood Market.

Long Story Short

Chinese scientists purchased a “weaponized biological warfare agent” (SARS technology) from the University of North Carolina Bio-warfare lab, took it back to their Wuhan lab (located about 20 miles from the Wuhan Seafood Market) and attempted to DNA genetically engineer it into a biological warfare weapon. There is also speculation that a Chinese scientist working at the BSL-4 laboratory in Manitoba, Canada allegedly sent samples of deadly viruses to mainland China. She, her husband and students were evicted recently for violating protocols.

One of the scientists must have accidentally contaminated him(her)self, and since this virus can take up to 24 days before showing symptoms, the virus was able to spread rapidly in a public place that was frequented by the contagious scientist.

Pharmaceutical companies will now enjoy a beneficial side-effect of this “accidental” virus as world-wide fear and panic creates and “seasons” the next batch of customers who will eagerly accept the up-coming “Covid-19” vaccine that will “save the world.” A detailed article published by James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, discusses a variety of possible options on the origin of this virus, with Option 4 being the most plausible.

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