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YMCA Choose to Move

YMCA of Okanagan. Health and Fitness. Your health is our bottom line. Are you over the age of 65, physically inactive and living with a chronic condition? Do you want to learn how to build physical activity into your lifestyle to support your health and over all well-being? Are you interested in meeting new people and being part of a safe and supportive community? If you're not already a member of the YMCA and your Doctor says it's OK, here's a great opportunity to get your life back on track! This a free, 6 month program guided by professionals and personalized to your abilities, interests and goals. Call 250-491-9622 Ext. 234 to learn more and register. https://www.ymcaokanagan.ca/Programs/Health-Fitness/Health-Management/Choose-to-Move https://vimeo.com/260147155

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ADHD ADD Disability Tax Credit-Disability Benefit Group Consultants

Check this site to see if you have a disability that qualifies you for a government refund. Our company was created to help eligible Canadians affected with mental or physical disabilities receive money back from the Canadian Government. At The Disability Benefit Group we understand these benefits and we are specialists in helping our clients get the maximum benefits possible. Our Case Managers alleviate our clients dealing with the cumbersome and often stressful process of applying for these benefits on their own. Source: ADHD ADD Disability Tax Credit-Disability Benefit Group Consultants

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