Feel better by eating healthier!

Family Doctors Have Almost Zero Training in how Nutrition Affects Health

So why do they go to school for years and years to get their Doctorate Degree? To learn & memorize the thousands of chemical-containing drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies that quickly alleviate your symptoms.

Our Society Values Instant Gratification over Quality

In the last century, medicine shifted away from the use of natural remedies as chemical companies took nature’s ingredients and optimized them. By adding & combining various chemicals to the natural ingredients, they created these fast-acting, super powerful drugs that would make a person’s symptoms disappear pretty quickly. Why did this happen?

  • We don’t enjoy pain and want it to go away – FAST! Who wants to suffer for days & weeks if there’s a magic pill that will make the pain disappear in hours

BUT  Nature’s remedies involve a complex combination of nutritional needs required by the body to stay healthy, and wholistic plant-based pain relief is SLOW. So why aren’t we getting proper nutrition?

  • We want our food to be QUICK & EASY! Why slave away in the kitchen chopping vegetables & cooking for hours when you can make a pit stop at a fast food joint & grab take-out to bring home for supper?

BUT  Nature’s bounty requires some time and effort in order to prepare a meal. So why don’t we have time to eat home-made food?

  • Properly nourishing our bodies is a time-consuming process that we don’t prioritize in our busy, modern lives. We consider our jobs, social lives & activities and spending time commuting to be MORE IMPORTANT.

What’s All This Costing You?

Every single chemical contained in foods and pharmaceutical drugs is considered an alien invader by your body.

Every single “foreign” ingredient that enters your body will trigger a defensive reaction by your immune system to protect the “mother ship” (YOU!). So everytime you eat processed foods & take pharmaceutical drugs, your body is under attack and goes through a process to neutralize and eliminate the “invader”.

“Fast” foods require preservatives (chemicals):

Sulfites: these can cause headaches, palpitations, allergies and even cancer.

Nitrates & Nitrites: these are suspected of causing stomach cancer.

Maybe you have health insurance and benefits that pay for your drugs so you’re not out of pocket…

BUT does that make you feel better when you’re suffering? Maybe it’s time to ask “what caused your suffering in the first place?”

What if eating nutritious foods could possibly be the cure?

What if you Could Live Your Life Without Drugs?

Drugs come in handy for emergencies. Powerful, chemical drugs should be meant for life or death situations. However, complete, long-term health is NOT possible while using drugs.

BUT you need your drugs to stay alive! Always follow your Doctor’s advice if you are on prescription drugs and always check with your doctor first before making any changes. Doctors are experts when it comes to drugs and it can be dangerous or even life-threatening to abruptly stop taking them. Chemical drugs have side-effects (these are never good) and talking to your pharmacist can help you understand what these are.

What you CAN do, safely, is start eating a healthy diet, drink lots of water and incorporate regular, physical activity into your weekly schedule.


  • Limit your intake of fast foods, salty foods, sugary drinks and red & processed meats.
  • Start including fresh vegetables & fruits in your diet. Incorporate these into meals.
  • Include meal-preparation as part of your daily schedule – make it one of your priorities.
  • Always have a glass of water on your desk or a water bottle when you’re on the road.
  • Find a physical activity you enjoy and do this regularly.

If you are suffering from any type of ailment, it is highly recommended that you cease consuming animal-based foods immediately. And if you’re dealing with cancer, animal protein is feeding the cancer cells. Stop consuming animal protein and the cancer cells will starve. Start eating a whole food, plant-based diet and your body will start to heal.

Stick to this for at least 3 months to give your body a fighting chance.  See what happens.  If anything, it certainly won’t hurt you and really, what have you got to lose?!!!

Foods that promote Good Health

Whole foods including fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans and legumes:

  • choose organic to avoid pesticides and GMO’s
  • try to eat one leafy green per day
  • consume lots of both types of fibre:
    • Insoluble from veggies, wheat, bran & whole grains
    • Soluble from oat bran, nuts, seeds & legumes
  • include Omega 3 fatty acids from nuts, & seeds like ground flax, hemp seeds & walnuts

“When you choose healthy alternatives, you are investing in health insurance, which can save you a lot of money on medications later…” (Siegfried Gursche)