Daily Habits for Health

Your daily habits will ultimately determine your overall health.  Becoming healthy involves adopting a routine that contributes to this goal.  By replacing bad habits with healthier alternatives that work for you, reclaiming your health becomes a no-brainer.  It will simply require the time and effort (and willingness) to learn and adjust your schedule in a way that takes your health into consideration.  Humans are adaptable creatures and all it takes is motivation.

What’s your health worth?

*I need to mention here that throughout this site, I often advise going to a health food store for healthier options.  However, you need to be aware that all items for sale in these stores are not necessarily free of chemicals or GMO’s.  They are likely less contaminated than the average cheap products you would otherwise get at your standard grocery or big box stores but they are not necessarily 100% pure.  So you still need to do your homework and check the ingredients or ask an employee for clarification.