Food Diary

Whenever there’s something wrong with your health, try to figure out how your diet is involved.  Keep a food diary of every thing you eat from waking to bedtime, every day, for a couple of weeks.  This will be very revealing, for you and your doctor!  This will help both of you in determining what’s causing your discomfort.  It may also reveal what might be missing from your diet that you need to start including.  Certainly don’t avoid seeing the Doctor for their professional diagnosis.  They are in the position to recommend the necessary tests, if required, and you should take whatever advice and suggestions they give you into consideration.  But, remember, Doctors hardly have any training where nutrition is concerned.  Rather, they attempt to “cure” you by prescribing pharmaceuticals which are really only bandaids that basically just mask your symptoms while at the same time creating new problems as a result of the side-effects.  So don’t be afraid to get a second opinion from a Naturopathic or Functional Medicine Doctor as this is more in their area of expertise.

Drug Commercials

Anyone who watches TV these days must have noticed the ever-increasing percentage of pharma-based commercials promoting this or that, followed by 10 to 20 potential negative and harmful reactions (including death) that can “possibly” affect “some” people.  These promoters are hoping you will gamble on the positive instant “cure” that they offer and hope that you are willing to accept the “risks” to your health in exchange.  Depending on the extent of your problem, taking a drug may be unavoidable but the goal here is to try to minimize your dependance on drugs by doing everything you can where diet is concerned.

Nutrients are the Key

Each ailment listed within this menu will provide you with natural dietary options and suggestions that would be harmless for you to try.  But remember, unlike drugs which by their nature have an almost instantaneous effect, nutrients require time for the body to assimilate and process for self-healing.  So you should give the option you are trying a good 3 months before deciding if this is helpful or not.  As the body is a complex machine, there may be a variety of dietary factors required to experience positive results and you may want to consider visiting a Naturopath Doctor to sort this out for you.  But please use this resource as a guideline that will hopefully provide you with some helpful suggestions and allow you to take a proactive step towards being responsible for your own health.