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Welcome Kindred Health-Seekers!

My name is Linda & I’ve had a lifelong interest in health, nutrition and how the two are inter-connected.

I decided to take charge of my own health by learning everything I can from the hundreds of experts out there that have so much knowledge to share.  After realizing that Doctors barely get any education on diet and how food is directly connected to health, I decided to study this subject myself.  Then, after reading various books and articles written by highly respected authorities, I noticed alot of discrepancies and conflicting information coming from these educated and experienced professionals.  So, who’s telling the truth?  If one person is right, does that make the other ones wrong?

What these doctors and scientists tell you depends on their areas of expertise.  Also, Dieticians and Nutritionists are restricted by their designations. If they gain new knowledge through further research or personal experience that might contradict what they were taught during their training, they CANNOT share that information with you or they will lose the very designation they trained so long and hard for. So the very reason these experts got educated in the health is industry in the first place (to help people get healthy) is compromised by the legalities that rule the usage of designations behind their names.

You deserve access to ALL the facts.  NO ONE PERSON knows everything!  AND, we are all unique individuals – custom-built – we’re not all made from the same mold, so, what one person’s body needs to be healthy is not necessarily the same thing for another.

And who knows you better than anyone?


In other words, if you can learn some basic principles to guide your food choices, make those changes to become part of your lifestyle, and learn to listen to your body, good health is yours for the taking!

When you’ve got experts telling you one thing on a given day, and then the complete opposite thing 3 months later, and often something completely different again a year later, it’s easy to just start tuning it all out… but, at what cost?  You still want to live every day feeling as healthy as you can be, so what should you do?  Your best bet is to take the middle of the road, consider the different opinions and the logic behind them, and finally, but most importantly:

Listen to your body and what your gut is telling you…

What makes sense for you and how are you feeling health-wise?

Also, if you’re like me and are not fooled by the non-stop commercials on TV pushing magic pills for every ailment imaginable, you’ll want to take charge of your health.  Drugs are nothing more than chemical bandaids that mask the symptoms you’re experiencing.  Kind of like if you broke your leg and then downed a whole bottle of whisky right after.  It might ease your pain for awhile but does that mean your leg stopped being broken?  This website is my labour of love.  A compilation of information I keep learning everyday, plus my 2 cents worth, that you can browse through to make the right choices for your health.  You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel when you change your diet – notice here that I’m saying change your diet and NOT “go on a diet”?  This is a lifestyle adjustment, just like you eat what you eat everyday out of habit, it’s just a matter of changing your habits!

Like most people, I have family and friends who are dealing with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mutltiple sclerosis etc.  There is a multitude of physiological & environmental factors that contribute to a person’s unfortunate diagnosis of any disease.

But I’m focusing on the one factor that people do have the power to control: FOOD

If you’d like some guidance on your journey, there’s a wonderful “Grocery Guidelines” available for free when you sign up for the Bi-Weekly “In a Nutshell” Newsletter email list.  The Guidelines PDF is kept updated as new info becomes available, while the informative newsletter provides a nice little bundle of info about relevant health topics, delivered to your inbox twice a month!

Feel free to check out the “References” tab to see my list of resources.

Here’s to your Health!