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Do you love animals?

All animals or only some animals?

Do you think different species should be treated differently?

Is it OK to torture and abuse the animals we eat because we like the meat?

Is there such a thing as a kind and compassionate slaughterhouse?

Have you seen the actual footage of what goes on in slaughterhouses that meat providers don’t want you to see?

Do you believe that the animal abuse cases that get revealed are just isolated situations?

Do chickens, sheep, pigs, cows etc. deserve to be treated this way?

Have you seen the fear and pain in their eyes?

These are just a few questions you can ask yourself if you are struggling to justify how animals are treated prior to becoming your steak, your salami, your Big Mac, your bucket of KFC, your easter ham, your pork chops etc…

Just remember that you hold their fate in your hands, through the choices you make.

If you’ve decided that the treatment of these animals as they are processed for our meat supply is not acceptable, please come and march to “Close all Slaughterhouses” wherever a march is taking place in your city. If there is no march nearby, simply choosing to cut back on your meat consumption is an easy (and healthy) start to making a difference in these animals’ lives. They are helpless, YOU have POWER!

This event is international. Check Facebook for a march in your city!

Participating Cities:

Sydney, Australia

Brussels, Belgium

Montreal, Canada

Okanagan, B.C. Canada

Toronto, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

London, England

Paris, France

Toulouse, France

Berlin, Germany

Kassel, Germany

Bern, Switzerland

Istanbul, Turkey

Los Angeles, USA