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Canadian Rivers Day

Canada is a HUGE country with tons of rivers. Water is our lifeline. Without water, we die. If the water we drink is polluted by livestock, chemical spills, anything... we get sick. We NEED water and we need it to be pure and clean so we can be healthy! Sunday, June 10th is meant to bring awareness to this fact. Think about it and figure out what you can do to help keep our rivers clean!

“Close all Slaughterhouses”

Do you love animals? All animals or only some animals? Do you think different species should be treated differently? Is it OK to torture and abuse the animals we eat because we like the meat? Is there such a thing as a kind and compassionate slaughterhouse? Have you seen the actual footage of what goes on in slaughterhouses that meat providers don't want you to see? Do you believe that the animal abuse cases that get revealed are just isolated situations? Do chickens, sheep, pigs, cows etc. deserve to be treated this way? Have you seen the fear and pain in their eyes? These are just a few questions you can ask yourself if you are struggling to justify how animals are treated prior to [...]

Rivers to Oceans Week

Garbage, Pollution, Plastic... the more the earth's population grows, the worse the situation becomes. We all need to change our ways and consider the environment with every decision we make. Plastic is becoming a huge problem! The ground is not a garbage can, no matter how small or insignificant your little piece of trash might seem. Garbage ends up in rivers, rivers flow into oceans and animals are ingesting what you are throwing away! Choose this week to make some lifelong changes that will affect your planet for the better!