It’s one thing to allow yourself to be vaccinated. You are an adult and you have a choice (for now). It’s another thing to subject a newborn/child to be injected with a plethora of chemicals.

The most important thing you should do is become informed. Research the facts and get as much information as possible. Your child’s health and life depends on you doing your due diligence as a parent. Simply trusting your doctor’s advice and succumbing to peer pressure to get your child vaccinated simply aren’t good reasons to do so.

We live in a society where Big Pharma has been flexing its muscles for a long time now. They are big and powerful and cast very long shadows. They are intimidating and their bully tactics are very effective. They have deep pockets to ensure their bidding gets done. There are many stakeholders that expect returns on their investments. Vaccine sales are BIG business and they will squash anybody who tries to jeopardize this cash cow.

To resist vaccination makes you a “David” to their “Goliath.” But, rest assured, there are many “Davids” out there and you would not be alone. It will definitely require that you have a good measure of conviction to stand up for what you believe. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you decide:

  • What is your health worth?
  • What is your child’s health worth?
  • Did you research the information on the risks & side-effects of inoculation?
  • Do you know what the ingredients are for each type of vaccine?
  • Does it make sense to put foreign, man-made chemicals inside a human body to protect it from bacteria & viruses?
  • Do you understand how your immune system works?

Vaccines Revealed is an excellent website dedicated to bringing awareness about the dangers & side-effects of vaccines. They stand up for and give a voice to all the people whose lives have been destroyed by vaccines. This organization is passionate about sharing the truth and do all they can to reach out to people to share the facts that Big Pharma does not want you to know. As a result, they’ve ben experiencing censorship from Facebook, Pinterest, U-Tube & Google. Every website (including this one) is at risk for saying anything that doesn’t re-inforce and encourage the use of vaccines.