Earth Month

April is “Earth Month”!

April 20 – 26 is Earth Week & April 22nd is Earth Day!

And for those of us living in colder, northern regions of the planet, April is the first full month of spring.  The snow has melted (or is melting), bulbs are sprouting out of the ground and blooming, buds are showing up on shrubs and trees.  It’s a time of rebirth filled with hope and anticipation after a long cold winter.

But we cannot take these things for granted anymore.  Modern civilisation, growing populations, industry & waste have all taken their toll on our planet, which is why we dedicate this month to pay special recognition to the planet that sustains us.  So, during this month, every year, think about what you can do to help take better care of your environment.  What big or small changes can you make that will lessen the damage done to our planet every day?  Every little thing each one of us does magnifies to create positive results.

Simple things you can do to contribute and help planet earth:

  • Plant a garden using non-gmo seeds or participate in a community garden
  • Reduce your consumption of animal foods by cooking vegetarian dishes at least once a week
  • Use water-restricting devices to reduce water waste
  • Don’t throw garbage on the ground, no matter how small, including cigarette butts / pick up garbage when you can
  • turn off lights when you don’t need them or use timers
  • buy organic produce from local farmers
  • walk, cycle or bus to your destination if you can
  • Recycle everything that is recyclible
  • Sell or give away anything you don’t want anymore – one person’s trash truly can be another’s treasure!

For more information, here’s a link to the Earth Day Network:

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