The Truth About Cancer – Part 3

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The Truth About Cancer – Part 3

“Cancer-Killing Viruses, Cancer Stem Cells, GMO’s, Juicing & Eating the Rainbow”

To re-iterate the message from the previous 2 episodes, Chemotherapy & standard therapies have no effect on cancer stem cells, rather, the cancer just metastasizes and regrows stronger and more resistant against standard treatments.

  • many natural products available from Mother Nature contain anti-cancer compounds that target cancer stem cells
    • Turmeric
    • Resveratrol
    • Green Tea
    • Catechins
    • Berberin controls insulin
    • Flavonols turn off inflammation & initiate apoptosis (the process where cancer cells commit suicide)
      • they ONLY kill cancer cells while making our healthy cells stonger
      • stop inflammation and you stop cancer
    • Wheat Grass (4-8oz/day)
    • Raw Vegetable/Fruit juicing: people have actually expelled tumours from their bodies after a 5 day juice fast: the juice starts working in your body withing 20-30 min.
      • the best Juicer to use is whatever you prefer that works best for you, as long as you use it!
    • Essiac Tea is a wonder blend of herbs that fights cancer
      • Spleen cancer was healed
      • Bowel Obstructions were cleared
    • Devil’s Apple has been shown to cure cancers

People get sick for 2 main reasons:

  1. Toxicity (from pesticides on your food, bad food choices, environment)
  2. Under-nourishment from lack of nutrients (not consuming whole, fresh, plant-based foods)

Which is why it is so important to DETOX regularly to reduce and eliminate inflammation which is the basis of many auto-immune diseases like Fibromyalgia.

GMO crops like corn, soy, canola, sugar beets & cottonseed oil are injected with an insecticide that kills the bugs that try to eat them.  Crops are also engineered to resist Glyphosate (a probable carcinogen) which is the active ingredient in Roundup.  So these “Frankinstein Plants” that don’t die from being sprayed by chemicals and KILL the bugs that try to eat them are then packaged and sold to humans to EAT!!!  Side-effects of Roundup ingestion:

  • kills beneficial bacteria
  • colorectal cancer
  • leaky gut
  • magnesium deficiency

“Tobacco Science” type studies are used to determine that the above GMO’s are “safe” to ingest:

  • there is no shortage of food in the world as 50% of the world’s food supply gets thrown away
  • the now distorted chemical makeup of wheat is what causes gluten-intolerance
Eat real food to avoid the 10,000 untested chemicals found in processed foods!

RIGVIR is an oncolitic virus that targets cancer stem cells.  Cancer cells are invisible within our body.  This virus makes them visible to our immune cells so that they can start reacting against them.  It’s a non-mutating virus that has no side-effects and is registered & approved for all cancer treatments in the country of Latvia.

You can watch this episode in its entirety for yourself or the entire 9-part series if you wish by clicking here:

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