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Functional Medicine: Looking for Root Causes

What is "Functional Medicine"? It's the most comprehensive type of health care! Why? Because the doctors who practice Functional Medicine treat each person as an individual. Forget about "one size fits all"! Whatever your condition, these Doctors will take the steps necessary to figure out the root cause of your problem. And once they find the cause(s), treatment will include dietary adjustments best suited for your genetic makeup. Since nutrition plays a big part in everyone's health, what can YOU do to help figure out your Ailment? Functional Medicine is a wonderful hybrid! Functional Medicine is Naturopathic medicine combined with the latest scientific research. But this is not a new concept; it was created by Jeffery Bland, M.D., in 1990. It is based on the theory that [...]

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The Truth About Cancer – Part 2

"Cancer Facts & Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer & Essential Oils" Here are my notes from watching this episode: 70% of the immune system is in the digestive tract Cancer cells never die: they multiply & invade our organs.  This is called metastasis which is the spreading of cancer due to compromised immune systems. 18% of cancer is caused by infection cancer is NOT genetic.  You need to deal with "epigenetics" (the software controls the hardware) we can change our gene expression by what we eat mammograms cause breast cancer by exposing the breast to radiation over 1.3 million women were over-diagnosed with breast cancer from mammograms Thermography is a great option for breast-cancer detection without the health risks of mammograms for more info [...]

Health Care or Disease Management?

Join the Food Revolution! To reiterate what John Robbins & Ocean Robbins already stated on "The Food Revolution Network" website, our society now revolves around disease management, not Health Care.  But we can change that! There's a steady shift that is slowly but surely taking place in our world today. All you have to do is take over the driver's seat of your two-legged vehicle! On your own, you can maintain or reclaim your health which will provide you with quality of life. And collectively, choosing healthy foods over drugs will create the changes that need to take place on a global scale. We can create our own health care!  Don't be discouraged because you have NOTHING to lose except your health! Who do You [...]

Plant-Based Doctors: Modern Medicine

Love Your Heart! Your beating heart is the difference between being alive on this planet or becoming dust in the wind! If you have a healthy beating heart, then you likely also have a functioning brain. Don't waste it! Old-school beliefs were to trust your Family Doctor with your life. Well, times have changed because we now have Plant-Based Doctors! The technological advances of the past century were mind-boggling. And a lot of it was not necessarily good. The invention of chemical drugs was seen as a miracle cure for so many sick people. The focus of Doctor's training became all about drugs. And now, look at our world... Are we any healthier? Our Guts Love Plants Close studies of the human intestinal system show [...]

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If you want to make a difference in this world with minimal effort, here's a site that allows you to stand up for what you believe in simply by signing a petition.  Or, if there is a cause you want to bring to the world's attention, start your own petition and help create CHANGE! is the world’s largest petition platform, using technology to empower more than 100 million users to create the change they want to see. Source: · The world’s platform for change

Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP)

A wonderful program that should be as essential as a High School Certificate.  Everyone would benefit through longevity and quality of life! Hans Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, FACN, program founder and Clinical Professor of Preventative Medicine at Loma Linda University The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) is a simple 30-day worldclass lifestyle education program where you can discover how to take charge of your health by making safe, simple, painless, and deliberate lifestyle choices. "[Our staff] have had incredible results measured by decreases in total cholesterol and LDL levels, decreases in...high blood pressure, reversal of Type 2 Diabetes and significant weight loss. People are reporting reduction of prescription drug usage in statins, high blood pressure meds and anti-depressants. Participants have also expressed improved energy levels, higher [...]

ADHD ADD Disability Tax Credit-Disability Benefit Group Consultants

Check this site to see if you have a disability that qualifies you for a government refund. Our company was created to help eligible Canadians affected with mental or physical disabilities receive money back from the Canadian Government. At The Disability Benefit Group we understand these benefits and we are specialists in helping our clients get the maximum benefits possible. Our Case Managers alleviate our clients dealing with the cumbersome and often stressful process of applying for these benefits on their own. Source: ADHD ADD Disability Tax Credit-Disability Benefit Group Consultants

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I highly recommend you use these services if you've been diagnosed with cancer.  This an excellent well-rounded program that will help you deal and fight the disease on all fronts.  Website also contains tons of healthy cancer-fighting recipes. Our goal is simple – to provide the best care possible for people living with a diagnosis of cancer, and we will work together with you, your family doctor and oncologist.  All our services, programs and classes are complete free of charge.  No referral is required. Our Clinical Services are provided by a team of physicians, nutritionists, clinical counsellors and exercise therapists. We have experience providing guidance on healthful diet changes, stress reduction and emotional counseling, decision making, exercise, and personal coaching. Source: Home - InspireHealth

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Pura Vida Nutrition

If you are looking for nutritional advice in the Kelowna area, check out this site... Vancouver Nutritionists at Pura Vida Nutrition provide nutrition consultation so clients gain energy, to help prevent illness or to help recover from a disease state.     Source: Kelowna Nutritionist at Pura Vida Nutrition

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