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Canada’s Food Guide

Phase 2 of Health Canada’s project to update the Canada Food Guide has begun.  Did you even know there was a Phase 1 last fall?  I remember filling that one out and only know about this one because of a health-related newsletter I get in my inbox.  Only 20,000 Canadians participated in the last survey.  How many people live in Canada?  No doubt the lack of participation is the same thing that plagues any issue that requires voting (like government elections) and that’s apathy; an unfortunate side-effect of democracy.  But I suspect another reason for lack of input from Canadians here is simply lack of communication.  I don’t think most people were even aware that this is taking place.  Important projects like this that can have direct impact on Canadians’ health across the country seem to just fly under the radar, with most people unaware of its existence.

For all of those who read this, you have an opportunity here to add your two cents worth in the creation of the new food guide.  This is your last chance to contribute before the new food guide is finalized and distribution begins in the new year.  The length of time it takes to fill out the survey depends on how much you have to say about the issue.  It can be short and sweet as you checkmark the various options or will take longuer if you have comments to add.  It’s up to you.  Regardless, the deadline is July 25, 2017, just a month away!  So don’t delay, let your voice be heard!

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