Live and Dry Blood Analysis for Optimal Health

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Live and Dry Blood Analysis for Optimal Health

June 14th is “World Blood Type Awareness Day”.  Do you know your blood type?  Have you ever thought about a possible correlation between your blood type and your state of health?  How certain foods may be beneficial while others may be detrimental to your health, depending on your blood type?

The idea of getting my blood analyzed to find out what was going on in my cells and to get professional advice on how I needed to change my diet to get my system balanced definitely appealed to me.  So I got a blood typing & analysis done by Lorraine and now know what is going on in my body and what I should do about it.  It only makes sense to deal with your own specific issues as opposed to trying to follow a “one size fits all” plan to achieve better health.

Achieve optimal health with live and dry blood analysis available in Kelowna British Columbia.

Source: Live and Dry Blood Analysis for Optimal Health

The principals of diet being recommended follow Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo’s model food regimen based on each specific blood type.  Although this personalized approach to the correlation between blood type, diet and disease is intriguing and likely beneficial, I do take issue with his promotion of animal proteins for the various blood types (except Type A).  Just because people’s bodies may have the capacity to properly digest these proteins does not mean that they should.

Considering the realities of mass-producing all meat products these days, the negative health effects of consuming this meat, the absolute suffering & mistreatment of millions of animals every year, the damages caused to our environment and the wasteful cost comparison of consuming animal foods compared to agricultural crops should NOT be ignored.

I would like Dr. D’Adamo to take these facts into consideration and do more research where meat protein is concerned.  For more information about the Blood Type Specific Diet, click on this link :

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