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When it comes to Okanagan Health, these guys have the market covered!  Whether you're a young person who's being proactive about your health, a senior who wants to take care of your body's changing needs, or someone who owns and loves pets, you will find all kinds of informative health-related topics in these free magazines! Source: Welcome to our Okanagan Seniors Health Winter 2016/2017 Issue - Okanagan Health & Wellness Magazine

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For anyone suffering from this terrible disease and those who love them, here is some promise and hope to find a cure. February 23, 2016 An UPDATED Note from Dr. Mary Newport It has been nearly 8 years since Steve improved with coconut oil. He improved very significantly and steadily the first year and remained stable for 2 more years. He began having seizures in summer 2013 starting with a head injury from a fall and did not fully recover. In spite of this serious setback, I feel it was well worth the extra quality time that we had together as a family. Source: Untitled Document

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Lifelines – Unlock the Secrets of Your Telomeres for a Longer, Healthier Life

For more in depth information about the role of  telomeres in our bodies, this book is worth the read. “Short telomeres may actually cause you to live a shorter life by making you vulnerable to disease.Long telomeres may cause you to live a longer life by protecting you from disease. When it comes to telomeres, I say length matters, and the longer the better.”Dr. Elaine Chin " Source: Lifelines – Unlock the Secrets of Your Telomeres for a Longer, Healthier Life

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Ketones for health – Common Ground

An informative article by Chris Gursche about the value of Ketones, found in "Common Ground" magazine.  It touches on the benefits of Ketones in situations of insulin resistance and the positive outcomes of Ketogenesis for those suffereing from Alzheimer's, Diabetes & MS, to mention a few.  Check it out! For my own personal experience testing out a low-carb, vegetarian diet, check out: Good fats make a fabulous comeback by Chris Gursche • My interest in ketones was stoked by the positive results people with Alzheimer’s were achieving by combining coconut oil and medium chain triglycerides (MCT) oil. My father had come up with a formula and was selling it, but he couldn’t say how it worked. Dr. […] Source:

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Common Ground – Serving Peace and Justice for 33 Years

A great (and free!) magazine containing varied articles about worthwhile issues concerning Canadians.  Also has a great resource directory. Common Ground is an independent publication, 100% Canadian owned. It is Western Canada's biggest and best-loved monthly magazine dedicated to health, wellness, ecology and personal growth.   Common Ground's Publisher and Senior Editor, Joseph Roberts, organized Vancouver’s first Walk for Peace and helped start Common Ground magazine in 1982. They have been making important things happen ever since – always in a socially and environmentally responsible manner – educating and inspiring readers to create a better world. Source: Common Ground - Serving Peace and Justice for 33 Years May 2016 - Common Ground | Common Ground

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BenBella Vegan: Resources for Plant-Based Eating

A great resource for recipes and information based on the discoveries made by Dr. T. Colin Campbell as published in his book, " The China Study". BenBella Books has been publishing resources for the plant-based community since the release of Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s groundbreaking book, The China Study, nearly 10 years ago. We’re proud to be part of this passionate and progressive movement, and we hope our titles help you on your plant-based journey. Source: BenBella Vegan | Resources for Plant-Based Eating

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Hypotoxic Diet: Your Guide to Fighting Chronic Inflammatory Disease

An informative article written by Dr. Jacqueline Lagace regarding her experience with the Hypotoxic Diet and the reasons why it works. Dr Jacqueline Lagacé discusses the Hypotoxic Diet and the links between the modern diet and chronic inflammatory disease. Source: Hypotoxic Diet: Your Guide to Fighting Chronic Inflammatory Disease - Ageless Living Magazine

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The End of Pain: How Diet Can Fight Chronic Inflammatory Disease

"The End of Pain" is a very informative book about fighting chronic inflammatory disease through nutrition.  It was translated from french and is based on the late Dr. Seignalet's "Hypotoxic Diet".  Definitely worth reading if you are a sufferer, especially since the author was motivated to write this book based on her own personal experience.  There is some information on this site about the author and the book but the majority of the site is in french. Our diet and inflammatory disease are intimately connected. In The End of Pain, author Jacqueline Lagacé outlines how the “hypotoxic” diet, developed by French physician and medical researcher Dr. Jean Seignalet, helped combat her own inflammatory disease symptoms and ended the accompanying pain, just as it had for [...]

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Kathy Freston: Healthy Living, Conscious Eating

This is the book that started my journey to embrace vegetarianism and veganism as the healthier choices to obtain and maintain health.  Kathy is the author of many inspirational books and CD's.  If you're ready for a change but don't know where to start, check out any of her books for gentle guidance.   Source: Kathy Freston: Healthy Living, Conscious Eating

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Alive Magazine

For more than 40 years Alive Magazine has brought readers tips, articles and recipes to improve your health and wellness. Read on & share with your friends. "Canada's Natural Health and Wellness Magazine": a great source of information on just about any health-related topic imaginable.  Various articles are written by a wide and ever-expanding variety of experts in a diverse number of fields.  This magazine inspired me to create this website.  I had compiled so many notes and tidbits of information over the years that I felt were pertinent, what better way to make use of this knowledge than to organize it all on this website and share it with all of you!  The magazine is available for free at most Health Food stores. Source: [...]

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