Low-Carb Diet – Conclusion

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Low-Carb Diet – Conclusion

After about 3 months on a low-carb diet, I stopped seeing posititve results on my derriere.  In other words, it wasn’t diminishing anymore.  I lost some fat from that area but then I just reached a plateau where no more progress was being made.  That was disappointing so I stopped following this diet as strictly as I had been.  I did, however, lose any fat I had on the rest of my body!  So if you’re not particular about where the fat disappears from, this diet will not fail to get rid of some fat.

And I did learn a few things!  This diet was probably one of the healthiest things I have ever done for my body.  It made me realize how much of our ordinary, regular foods contain carbohydrates, and not good ones!  Simple carbs from sugars and nutrient-poor sources are in almost everything and everywhere!

On  the other hand, lack of fibre from this diet was an issue.  Yes, you can consume more fibre from eating more veggies but I just don’t eat that much food in one day!  So this is not a diet I would recommend to follow indefinitely, but is something great that you should try for a month at a time every so often.  You may even want to  include low-carb meals in your daily/weekly eating habits since the over-consumption of empty calories is a major issue in today’s society, affecting health to a very serious degree.  Going low-carb with the addition of fibre-rich foods should probably be everyone’s goal when meal planning.

In conclusion, the low-carb diet is a form of cleansing as you rid your body of excess fat while starving the “bad” bacteria that otherwise thrive on sugary foods and manifests itself as acne on the skin, and possibly other skin conditons.  Personally, my skin conditions completely disappeared during this diet which was a wonderful surprise!

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