Love Animals? Which Ones Deserve Your Love?

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Love Animals? Which Ones Deserve Your Love?

Of Course We Love Animals!

Many of us love animals, but if you’re an animal lover, exactly what does that mean? Does it mean you love only cats? Or cats & dogs? Or only horses? Do bunnies count? What about gerbils and finches? How about farm animals like cows and pigs and sheep and chickens? Do they count? Some people eat wild animals so they hunt them for their meat. Some people like hunting wild animals for the “trophy” of a stuffed head. What about all the people who like to eat meat but don’t like to hunt? Do farm animals deserve your love?

Selective Love

These are questions most of us would rather not answer because we’d have to draw a clear line somewhere. It’s easier to just call it a grey area and leave it at that. But in your heart, in your heart of hearts, you know there’s a line that we are crossing and thousands of animals are suffering every day because we don’t want to face the truth. When we hear about animal abuse at large-scale farm operations from time to time, we convince ourselves that it must just be an isolated case. Then we stick our heads back in the sand… but do you love animals?

Do All Living Creatures Have Souls?

Cause we really want that juicy steak for supper and our bacon & eggs in the morning. So, easier NOT to think about that stuff. Besides, animals don’t have souls, right? or do they? Ignorance is bliss… I was on the fence on this subject for most of my life. Like most people. I love animals, but I didn’t want to know what a wiener was made of cause I enjoyed hot dogs so much. Then one day I read a book called Quantum Wellness┬áby Kathy Freston. Kathy’s written many books but this happened to be the one I read first. She provides gentle guidance and realistic facts that help you figure out for yourself where that line is. It’s a great read for people wanting to get healthy. And even if you choose not to change your life, you can’t unlearn what you now know. You now have to acknowledge your choices and decide if you do love animals.

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