The Truth About Cancer – Part 1

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The Truth About Cancer – Part 1

I started watching this 9 part series by Ty Bollinger and found it to be incredibly informative about the whole cancer business.  Back in 1998, a friend of mine expressed her opinion that the government really didn’t want to find a cure for cancer.  I thought that was insane!  What do you mean they don’t want to find a cure for this terrible disease that is devastating so many lives?  It made no sense that all the money going into research every year was not dedicated to finding some miracle cure.  How naive I was…  But my friend’s statement had planted a seed in the back of my mind that got me thinking, questioning and learning about cancer, illnesses in general and the body’s amazing ability to maintain health when provided with proper nutrition.

In this series of posts, I will share with you some take-away notes from each session:

“The Truth about Chemotherapy & the Pharmaceutical Monopoly”

  • Early in the 20th century, Rockefeller & Carnegie (two big american corporations) merged to establish a medical monopoly to patent drugs for money
  • Chemotherapy uses the most powerful toxin known to man as it anihilates all your healthy cells along with the cancer cells, then ends up causing more cancer in the long run
  • Tomoxafin used to treat breast cancer actually causes more cancer
  • more people die from the cancer treatments than the cancer itself
  • people who get chemo are likely to die within 5 years
  • Chemo & radiation stimulate the cancer stem cells
  • only stem cells can be a source of cancer if the DNA is subjected to radical damage
  • everyone gets secondary and adverse effects from chemo & radiation
  • oncologists make kickbacks (camouflaged as a “reimbursement”) from prescribing chemotherapy drugs
  • oncologists won’t subject themselves or their loved ones to chemo or radiation (ask your oncologist & see what he/she says)
  • avoid meds that have “black box” warnings on medication data sheets that you get from the pharmacist

BOTTOM LINE:  the whole medical industry has been hijacked by Pharmaceutical companies for profit

“Patent medications just don’t belong in human bodies”

Here’s the link to Ty Bollinger’s site that contains all the information you need to deal with cancer in a holistic way:

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