Health Care or Disease Management?

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Health Care or Disease Management?

Join the Food Revolution!

To reiterate what John Robbins & Ocean Robbins already stated on “The Food Revolution Network” website, our society now revolves around disease management, not Health Care.  But we can change that! There’s a steady shift that is slowly but surely taking place in our world today. All you have to do is take over the driver’s seat of your two-legged vehicle! On your own, you can maintain or reclaim your health which will provide you with quality of life. And collectively, choosing healthy foods over drugs will create the changes that need to take place on a global scale. We can create our own health care!  Don’t be discouraged because you have NOTHING to lose except your health!

Who do You Believe about Health Care?

How much time have you spent studying & learning about Health Care? In this age of rapid-fire technological information, you can find answers to your questions almost immediately. But how often do you get conflicting stories about every topic imaginable? Here’s what I found out! Even the experts who advocate better food choices conflict in what they recommend as being healthy and not healthy.  Who/What do you believe???  The answer is YOU.  Make your decision based on what you see in the mirror: is the person looking back at you healthy?  Fit?  Drug-free?  Take charge of your own health care!  Listen to your gut; your body talks to you everyday – you just have to start listening.  You don’t need to be a Doctor, Scientist or Expert of any kind to know when you’re not feeling well.  And no matter what any Doctor says is wrong with you, get a second opinion if it doesn’t sound right. Because you know your body better than anyone!

Improve your Lifestyle!

You don’t need a PHD in anything to start eating fruits & vegetables! See how you feel by cutting back on meats & dairy products.  Open your mind and try a different way of nourishing your body.  Your lifelong habits are exactly that: habits that started from childhood.  Start a new habit and give it a 3 month trial. It may have taken 10 to 40 years of bad eating habits to make you sick today. But you’ll be amazed how quickly you start feeling better when you begin your new Health Care eating habits!

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