Brain Cancer

//Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer

In light of Gordon Downie’s (lead singer of The Tragically Hip) diagnosis as revealed in May 2016, I’d like to suggest to anyone with this cancer to watch “The Blue Butterfly” for hope and inspiration, and be prepared for the possibility of a long and healthy life… Click here for David Marenger’s true story:

I would also advise following the dietary recommendations on this site for cancer as well since there have been some amazing results by following a Ketogenic Diet.

Most of us are familiar with the expression “mind over matter” but dismiss it as wishful thinking.  Wrong! It is really often miraculous the things our mind can accomplish if we use it in a positive way.  It’s so much easier to be negative than positive, yet negativity is a dead-end while positivity brings endless potential for happy endings.  The only tough part is training your mind to think positive instead of negative!  The following site offers inspiration to pursue your own inner powers.

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