Farmer’s Markets

///Farmer’s Markets

Farmer’s Markets

Considering the poor quality of food available to us at grocery stores nowadays, it’s all the more reason to shop at farmer’s markets and buy local produce that hasn’t had to travel thousands of miles to get here.  And unless you choose “Certified Organic” products, there’s just no telling if a GMO seed was used to grow that crop, what type of soil a food was grown in, what type of fertilizer was applied to maximize growth, what pesticides were applied to the crop etc…  Not to mention if ethical labour practices were used to cultivate said crop.  So many things to consider that affect the nutritional value of the living foods we eat!  Are your food choices nourishing your body or making you sick?  At farmer’s markets, meet the people who grow the food and ask them about their farming practices, as you enjoy the freshest veggies and fruit!  Oh, and let’s not forget about all the unique, hand-made crafts available for sale!

We have so many farmer’s markets throughout the okanagan, wherever you live, you shouldn’t have to go far to find one!  We have the weather, we have the land and we have the food!  Go out there, get some fresh air, check out local crafts and buy fresh food!

I will do my best to list all of them here.  If I have missed any, please email me at lindaathealthy-alternativesdotnet!




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