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AVOID all White Breads: they are white because they have been overly processed to the point where they are devoid of any nutrients.  Did you know that 1 slice of white bread has a GI of 70 which is higher than a 1/4 cup (50g) of white sugar with a GI of 60?  Even whole grain bread can contain 3g of sugar per slice.

Best choices for breads would be organic, whole, sprouted grains or stone-ground whole grains & sourdough.

  • Sprouted grains offer superior nutrition & fibre because as a seed sprouts, the nutrients inside multiply & changes the food from an acid to an alkaline base
  • Another option would be to avoid bread altogether and use any type of green leafy vegetables like a large Collard Green leaf


Just like fruit juices, these are ladden with sugar.  Choose organic options without artificial colours for a much lower sugar content.  Or better yet, top your piece of toast with real fruits and berries!

Peanut Butter

AVOID cheap peanut butter as they are made using the worst looking and mouldy nuts that contain a fungus-produced toxin called Aflatoxin, which initiates cancer in the body.  If you MUST have peanut butter, choose only the organic options.  If you are flexible, there are many other butters made of sesame seeds (Tahini), Cashew, Sunflower ect… that are just as good.

Muffins & Other Baked Goods

The store-bought versions are anything but healthful.  Make your own from healthy recipes.

  • Manna Bread is a sprouted grain cake-like bread that contains good complex carbohydrates