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Definitions of store Labels for poultry and eggs:

  • “Free Range” are birds that have access to the outdoors
  • “Free Run” birds are not confined to cages and have room to move around but not necessarily outside
  • “Hormone-Free”: hormones are not allowed in North American poultry production so this claim is irrelevant except to reassure consumers’ concerns”
  • “Organic” means poultry is fed 100% organic food, free of animal by-products, antibiotics or GMO’s
  • “Raised without Antibiotics”: these birds have significantly lower levels of drug-resistant bacteria than birds raised in dismal, cramped conditions that are ripe for the spread of disease
  • “Vegetarian-Fed” means feed contained no animal by-products BUT may contain GMO’s if not organic

For even more detailed info about different labels on eggs: https://www.cornucopia.org/2017/04/egg-labels-explained/#more-23226


If you choose to eat chicken, make sure it is free range, organic and vegetarian-fed.  And you don’t have to stick to only white meat; the dark meat is cheaper and juicier with only a slightly greater amount of saturated fat.

OR substitute chicken in your favourite recipes with sauteed mushrooms, tofu, crumbled tempeh or beans – you can add spices and lime for flavour.


Organic raw egg yolks are safe to eat.  Organic eggs contain lecithin & phosphatidyl choline which are good fats that maintain brain function and enhance memory and mood.

Scrambling or frying (temperatures above 105F) creates a reaction between iron and heat that causes the cholesterol component of the yolk to oxidize, creating free-radical damage in the body.

Egg whites contain a specific glycoprotein called avidin which is not found in the yolk.  Avidin binds to the B-Vitamin Biotin which can cause biotin depletion.  This can lead to neurological disorders if consumed regularly.  Cooking deactivates the avidin in egg whites.

The best way to cook eggs is by boiling: poached or soft, medium or hardboiled

  • Boiling eggs limits the cholesterol destruction and cooking egg whites alone eliminates the problem
  • many pre-packaged egg substitutes are available
  • one egg for baking = 1/2 tsp baking powder + 2 tbsp soy flour OR 1 tbsp arrowroot powder OR 1 tbsp ground flaxseed +  3 tbsp water for muffins, cakes and such.
  • For recipes calling for hard or soft boiled and fried eggs, tofu makes a great substitute as you can purchase it in any form from soft to extra firm


Do not read the following information if you wish to continue eating mass-produced poultry and eggs:

  • Chickens and Turkeys are not legally considered “animals” by the US federal government and so are exempt from the Humane Slaughter Act which protects animals in slaughterhouses
    • this means it is legal to slit their throats without prior stunning and dunk them into scalding-hot defeathering tanks while they are still conscious