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Avoid all “white” choices as these are over-processed and depleted of any nutrients as a result.  Choose whole grain options including multitudes of different grains and even seaweed choices.


The options are almost endless, including making your own out of vegetables by peeling them into spaghetti-style lengths.  You can do this with almost any long shaped vegetables like zucchini and carrots.  And don’t forget about Spaghetti Squash, mother nature’s own homemade version of pasta!  It’s pretty easy to find the following pasta options:

  • Flax Rice pasta: high fiber & protein and packed with nutrients
  • Seaweed Noodles: no cooking required, nutritious and low-carb; just rinse and serve
  • Sweet Potato & Buckwheat noodles are just another example of many different options available
  • Vegetable wheat pastas are ususally available in the bulk section of stores
  • Whole grain rice pastas are quite common and a great gluten-free alternative


  • Brown rice
  • Sweet rice from Japan
  • Short rice has higher nutrition and lower calories than long-grain but clumps more