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Satisfy your Cravings!

Usually, a snack entails something laden with sugar or salt, not to mention preservatives, and generally does not supply our bodies with any nutritional boost.  Snacks tend to please the palate while not satisfying our body’s needs; which is why we find ourselves perpetually craving yet never satisfied.  All those empty calories combined with lack of exercise end up packing on the pounds while keeping us hungry.

Here are some ideas for healthy snacks:

  • there are endless options for healthy snack bars in the health sections of grocery stores, look for those with low sugar and salt content and follow the following guidelines:
    • 150 to 250 calorie range
    • Min. 10g protein from non-gmo soy, whey or pea
    • Min. 4g of fiber
    • less than 10g of sugar
      • no artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols or aspartame
      • good sugar choices include coconut sugar, vanilla, cinnamon & inulin (sweet soluble fiber)
  • Any piece of fruit, veggie, nuts, seeds or yogurt
  • 1 small apple + 2 small slices of parmesan or other hard cheese
  • 5 hazelnuts, 5 dried cherries & 5 dark chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup (125ml) low fat greek yogurt, some honey and slivered almonds
  • edamame with sea salt (steam them and eat cold)
  • half an avocado with hot sauce, sea salt & lime juice
  • any kale, edamame or vegetable chips