Plant-Based Doctors: Modern Medicine

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Plant-Based Doctors: Modern Medicine

Love Your Heart!

Your beating heart is the difference between being alive on this planet or becoming dust in the wind! If you have a healthy beating heart, then you likely also have a functioning brain. Don’t waste it! Old-school beliefs were to trust your Family Doctor with your life. Well, times have changed because we now have Plant-Based Doctors! The technological advances of the past century were mind-boggling. And a lot of it was not necessarily good. The invention of chemical drugs was seen as a miracle cure for so many sick people. The focus of Doctor’s training became all about drugs. And now, look at our world… Are we any healthier?

Our Guts Love Plants

Close studies of the human intestinal system show that we were not designed to process meat. Learn more about The Human Digestive System. Furthermore, studies show that animal proteins turn on dormant cancer cells. It takes a number of factors to create the “perfect storm” that will trigger cancer. If all the factors are present, the “key” that activates the cancer is animal protein. Plant-Based Doctors are the modern doctors of the 21st century. They understand the harm caused by drugs and their side-effects. They are also educated about the power of Mother Nature’s plants in their most natural state.

Plant-Based Doctors

Maybe you’ve never heard of a Plant-Based Doctor. Well, they are out there in ever-increasing numbers! The Plantrician Project exists to help educate healthcare professionals about the merits of a plant-based diet. With this knowledge, these practitioners can properly inform and guide their patients back to health. Where to find Plant-Based Doctors, you ask? Check out these two sites:

Eating Plants = Healthy World!

Do you wonder about the sustainability of eating plants from a global perspective? You don’t need to like or hate math; these pictures are worth a thousand words: Food Math 101. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of “old school” attitudes out there that are propagated by mainstream media. Check out these Questions & Answers to learn about the nitty-gritty on switching to a plant-based diet.

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