My Low-Carb Vegetarian Experiment

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My Low-Carb Vegetarian Experiment

I’m going to start off by explaining that I am a healthy, slim and fairly fit woman (although I should exercise more).  But like alot of women, I have some stubborn fat I’ve never been able to get rid of.  Unlike most women who usually deal with belly fat, my fat storage compartment resides in my derriere and has remained there for my entire adult life.  Nothing I’ve done has gotten rid of this useless fat.

When I read about Ketosis almost 2 years ago, it sounded like the perfect solution to dissolve the fat.  However, all the Ketogenic cookbooks I’ve seen are written for meat eaters.  I did not want to deal with the hassle of reconfiguring recipes to suit my vegetarian lifestyle.  Finally, a few weeks ago, I found a used book called Low-Carb Vegetarian written in 2004 by Celia Brooks Brown.  Basically, this is Ketogenesis for vegetarians before the term “Ketosis” became trendy.  It does include alot of eggs and cheese which make up the protein and high fat content required in the diet.  I’m not crazy about this part of it but will try to follow the recipes as listed using only free-range organic eggs and will subsitute the cheese for organic soy or veggie cheese or tofu whenever I can as well as coconut or olive oil where oil is required.  I will also be adding a daily scoop of “Iron Vegan Sprouted Protein” for the extra protein and nutrients for nourishment.

So, I have decided to dedicate the month of November to cook only from this cookbook, keep track of my daily nutrient intake, record my weight and measurements on a weekly basis and how I am feeling at the end of each day.  I will be posting these daily updates on for anyone who might be having similar problems with fat and are wondering about the value of this type of diet.

Please note that this is not a long-term diet that anyone needs to follow indefinitely.  I already eat a healthy vegetarian diet as part of my normal routine and will resume cooking my vegetarian and vegan meals in the future.  For me, this is a means to accomplish a goal.  I do not expect this fat to return – EVER, as the situation that put the fat there in the first place will never happen again.  As a teenager, I was away from home in an environment where I was fed 3 HUGE meals a day and within 3 months, there was the fat, permanently parked on my posterior.  I have NEVER eaten like that since and never will again.

If your poor eating habits contribute to your unwanted fat, a short-term diet will not fix the problem.  Please read through this website for advice and suggestions on how to improve your daily food choices and you will notice positive changes.  Ideally, you do want to include complex carbohydrates as part of your daily meal plans to maintain healthy gut bacteria that live off the fiber we cannot digest.

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