What’s the #1 Ingredient in a shower or bath?


Your body needs water for survival but drinking it is not the only way it gets inside you. Your skin absorbs everything it comes into contact with. Pure water will nourish your skin while tainted water will cause it to react. Some reactions are quite obvious like rashes & other irritations while more often than not, you don’t immediately see or feel the negative impact being done to your body.

Water’s External Impact on the body

  • Bathing removes dirt & waste products from the skin
  • Cool water reduces fever
  • A cool ending to your shower will help wake you up as well as rubbing your face with a cold wet facecloth
  • A hot bath will warm your chilled body and help you fall asleep

Body Poisons

There is a multitude of artificial colours, preservatives & fragrances contained in your standard body-care products.  These chemicals get absorded into your skin and over time will accumulate and cause you harm.  Your best bet to avoid these harmful ingredients is to purchase your items from the “organic” sections of your grocery store or buy from a Health Food Store.

Here are some recommendations to nurture your skin, rather than poison it:

  • Bath Oils: choose natural plant & nut derivatives like Jojoba, Almond or Coconut.  Only a few drops are needed each time.
  • Epsom Salts: this a compound from minerals, magnesium and sulphate which helps relieve tired, sore muscles & inflammation.  Add 2 cups to bathwater and soak for 10 min.
  • Green Tea is an antioxidant: add 6 tea bags to bathwater & steep 15-20 min., then remove bags.
  • Honey helps skin retain moisture & boasts anti-bacterial properties: add 1/4 cup (60ml) to bathwater
  • Oatmeal helps soothe itchy, inflammed skin.  Buy “colloidal oatmeal” not intended for eating OR use plain, uncooked oats OR grind plain oats to make your own colloidal oatmeal: add a handful to bath & soak for 5-10 min.

For more info on harmful skin products, check out this site dedicated to “Safe Cosmetics”.