Help us raise money to find a cure for ….!

Although all fundraisers are well-intentioned, it is pretty disconcerting to see all the effort being made to raise money to find “cures” rather than spending that time and effort raising awareness as to how we can avoid these diseases in the first place.

In June 2016, I listened to a local radio program that spent an hour talking about Prostate Cancer and the upcoming “Ride for Dad” to raise money for more cancer research.  The guest speaker had just had surgery for Prostate Cancer and his Dad had just passed away from the same disease the year before.  Not once did I hear the words “Prevention” or “Nutrition” mentioned throughout this entire show.

If you had the option to get sick and hope a cure is found or NOT get sick in the first place, what would you choose?  Most people don’t even realize they have a choice!

Let me give you this analogy:

If you are walking through the forest and see a mushroom that you know might be poisonous but tastes really good, do you stop to eat it anyway and just hope that there’s enough fundraising going on to provide the money required for pharmaceutical companies to come up with some kind of chemical-based cure, if you live that long?  Or, do you avoid the mushroom and eat something else that you know is good for your health?

After all that I have learned about health & nutrition these past few years, I find it exasperating to hear about the amount of fundraisers out there for diseases that are largely preventable and/or even reversible through diet.  And if you’ve attended or participated in any of these events, what is the typical lunch that is sold to the public to help raise these funds?  Hamburgers, Hot Dogs & Pop or Juice!?!?  Give your head a shake!

Hot Dogs & Hamburgers from animal sources ARE animal protein that set the stage for cancer to grow when other factors are present.  Please don’t take my word for it; read “The China Study” to understand this firsthand.  But I’m telling you, a lifetime accumulation of animal protein in the human body is a contibuting factor to many diseases developed later in life.  Please read the page called “Alternatives” in this website and the section on “Prostate Cancer” under the “Ailments” tab for more details.

Pop and juice?  Are you aware of how much sugar is contained in these popular drinks?  How do you think a lifetime’s accumulation will affect your body?  Does the word Diabetes come to mind?

So, most fundraisers are feeding people the very foods that contribute to creating the diseases they are trying to find a cure for!

As someone who has directly been impacted by prostate cancer through a family member, I am convinced that surgery would NOT have been required and the cancer would have been reversed had we known about the nutritional influences on this particular disease.  But we did not have any of this knowledge in 2008 and chose to have the surgery because the disease was in its early stages and this seemed to be the best option at the time.

I want to reiterate here that there aren’t necessarily dietary solutions for every disease that exists (because we have so much more to learn and discover in this area) and that drugs and various chemical treatments are often the only solution we know of to deal with various ailments in a timely manner, but we really need to also focus on what we do know to help people make better food choices so they don’t get sick in the first place!