If you haven’t started smoking but you’re thinking about it, SAVE YOURSELF A LIFETIME OF GRIEF AND DON’T DO IT!

People start smoking for social reasons because they think it makes them look cool… it doesn’t. Start by reading what it says on the packet of cigarettes.

What smoking will do for you:

  • You’ll become addicted
  • The odour is atrocious but your sense of smell will be numbed by the effects of the drug, however, people whose noses work fine will make an effort to stay away from you and the cigarette smoke
  • Those people who don’t avoid you will be harmed by the second hand smoke from your cigarette
  • The cigarette smell invades everthing nearby including your clothes, your car, your house, your office etc…
  • You will have to excuse yourself regularly in social situations so you can have a smoke in a designated area (this includes freezing your butt off in the middle of winter so you can satisfy your addiction)
  • Throughout your life, you’ll give tobacco companies the equivalent cost of buying not just one but possibly two houses (don’t take my word for it, just do the math… – can you think of better things you’d like to do with your money?)
  • As your lungs get damaged, you’ll no longer be able to enjoy physical activities as you’ll constantly run out of breath
  • You’ll eventually end up with lung cancer or emphysema or some related disease
  • You might miss out on multiple experiences like playing sports with your kids or meeting your grandkids (if you die young because of smoking)
  • You’ll never travel the world because you know you can’t survive a long flight without smoking
  • Every time you try to quit, you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms
  • Every time someone around you smokes, you’ll have to struggle to resist or end up giving in
  • It will be hard to enjoy social drinking if you associate it with smoking

I already know all this! I want to quit smoking!

There have never been more opportunities available to help you quit as there are today.  But, ultimately, it will be your determination to make it happen that will predict your success.  Just talk to your Doctor to find out all the available resources that exist to help you quit, many of which are FREE!

E-Cigarette Facts: NOT a solution

  • the inhalation of this vapour creates formaldehyde-containing hemiacetals that deposit in lung tissues and are next to impossible to eliminate
  • the risk of lung cancer caused by the accumulation of formaldehyde in the lungs is 5 times that of inhaling conventional cigarette smoke
  • the vapour produces toxic levels of nickel and chromium which can also lead to cancer
  • E-cigs provide a gateway to become a traditional cigarette smoker