These are the body’s preferred source of fuel for the brain, muscles and central nervous system.  Limited amounts get converted to glycogen to be used for energy while the excess breaks down into glucose.  Excess carbs, protein & fat will make you fat

  • Many packaged low-fat foods contain fillers like fruit puree, fruit juice, dextrin, syrup, sucrose or glucose-fructose to compensate for texture and flavour lost without the fat.  These simple carbs are high glycemic sugars that enhance fat storage of excess carbs
    • glucose, fructose and galactose are naturally found in fruits and vegetables and OK to consume from these sources as they also provide dietary fibre which slows sugar absorption while also providing valuable vitamins and minerals
  • Concentrated sugars are also in soft drinks, processed foods, white flour, white rice, white pasta, processed & refined grains such as breakfast cereals and sugary treats

It’s better to consume complex carbs from “real” foods like fruits & vegetables, beans and whole grains like oats which have a low glycemic index