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It’s All About the Right Balance!

The body’s ideal pH balance should be around 7.4 (80% alkaline & 20% acidic).  An easy tell-tale sign is in the color of your urine.  The lighter and clearer your pee is, the more alkaline you are, the darker the color, the more acidic you are.  Of course, this may vary throughout the day depending on the foods and liquids you consume.  A pH Test Strip can provide you with an actual number: below 7 means you’re acidic (low on oxygen) and above 7 means you’re alkaline. Periodic detoxification helps to restore pH Balance.

The repercussions of an ACIDIC body as a result of unwise food choices:

  • succeptable to illness
  • acid molecules need a mineral to exit the body and if your body lacks minerals, it will use the mineral stores in your bones, leading to osteoporosis
  • OR the body will create fat cells to store the excess acid and prevent your blood pH from being negatively affected; these fat cells then get stored in joints and muscle tissue, leading to various ailments

Food Combinations: your pH balance is disrupted when certain foods are eaten together

  • Proteins from poultry, fish, meat & eggs are acidic (Note: these are all animal-based proteins)
  • Starches from potatoes, grains, rice & bread are alkaline

When eating together, they neutralize each other and inhibit digestion, causing putrefaction and acidic blood.  This then creates an environment primed for yeast, viruses, cancer cells and parasites to grow

  • Fruit should be eaten alone on an empty stomach before a meal

The repercussions of an overly ALKALINE body from consuming alkaline water:

Regular consumption of alkaline water could cause your stomach environment to become too alkaline! You still need the right percentage of gastric acid for proper digestion. Without it, your organs will experience an overload of bacterial growth that will lead to issues with your kidneys, bladder and urinary tract. Pure “living” water is what your body needs to function properly and thrive.

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