Apple Cider VinegarApple Cider Vinegar

Use unprocessed and non-pasteurized for full benefits

  • it’s full of amino acids, anti-oxidants and anti-microbial properties


Chia Seeds

These were used by the Azteks & Mayans and considered more valuable than gold. They support:Chia Seeds

  • cardiovascular health
  • digestion
  • energy & endurance
  • healthy blood sugar levels
  • weight loss



ChlorellaAlgae - Chlorella

This is an algae that supports:

  • energy production
  • healthy digestion
  • heart health
  • immunity
  • joint health




These are rich in antioxidants


Alfalfa Grass: this is actually a legume whose roots can grow 100 feet deep, which gives it the unique ability to absorb rich quantities of vitamins & minerals.  It helps to alkalize the body to bring pH levels from our normally unhealthy acidic levels and boasts the following properties:

  • Amino AcidsCereal Grass
  • Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium
  • Crude Fibre & Protein
  • Dairy Free, Gluten Free & Nut Free
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Natural Chlorophyll & Beta Carotene
  • Phytonutrients

Barley Grass

Has traces of over 4 dozen vitamins & minerals

Kamut Grass

This high in protein & minerals

Oat Grass

This is rich in antioxidants and has lots of proteins & amino acids

Wheat Grass: this is a potent anti-oxidant

Green Tea

This helps with weight control, diabetes, plaque removal, enhances memory & attention and oxidizes fat

  • Matcha Green Tea has higher nutritional content than regular green tea
  • purchase loose leaf tea over bagged varieties; loose leaf has more surface area, allowing hot water to extract more antioxidants and flavour


  1. Allergies: EGCG helps with relief
  2. Alzheimers: improves memory
  3. Anti-aging: antioxidants called polyphenols attack free radicals
  4. Arterial Hypertension: helps prevent this condition
  5. Arthritis: prevents and reduces the risk of Rheumatoid arthritis and protects cartilage
  6. Asthma: Theophylline relaxes bronchial muscles
  7. Blood Sugar: polyphenols and polysacharides reduce blood sugar
  8. Bones: fluoride content preserves bone density
  9. Cancer: contains antioxidants that are 100 times more efficient than Vit. C and 25 times more efficient than Vit. E to protect against cancer
  10. Cardiovascular: reduces cholesterol and prevents cell death
  11. Cavities: destroys bacteria & viruses and combats bad breath
  12. Cholesterol: reduces bad cholesterol
  13. Colds and Flu: Vitamin C in the tea fights these germs
  14. Diabetes: stabilizes blood sugar and metabolism
  15. Dietary Toxins: catechins kill bacteria and toxins contained in produce
  16. Ear Infections: dip a cottonball into the tea and clean the ear
  17. Herpes: helps with the efficiency of interferon to treat herpes
  18. HIV: “Gallate epigallocatechine” reduces attacks of healthy cells in the immune system
  19. Immunity: polyphenols and flavonoids stimulate the immune system
  20. Liver: destroys free radicals from liver transplants
  21. Obesity: stops glucose action in fat cells
  22. Parkinson’s Disease: antioxidants prevent cell damage in the brain
  23. Skin: anti-oxidants protect against free radicals and fight skin cancer
  24. Stress: L-Theanine is an amino acid that reduces stress and anxiety
  25. Weight Loss: stimulates metabolism and burns fat (up to 70 calories per day)

Hemp SeedsHemp Seeds

These come from the cannabis plant and contain trace amounts of THC so are NOT psychoactive. They support:

  • brain function
  • cardiovascular system
  • digestive health
  • healthy immune system
  • skin health


Medicinal MushroomsReishi Mushroom

These are not your typical culinary mushrooms and not meant for cooking. But their powerful benefits include:

  • adrenal function
  • cardiovascular system
  • digestion
  • healthy immune system
  • liver function

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