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A “GI” rating of 70 or more is considered HIGH while 50 or less is LOW and better for you.

This index is based on the rate at which carbs break down in the body and ranks a food’s ability to raise blood glucose:

High Glycemic

These include all highly processed foods which contain carbs that give up their sugars the quickest and should be avoided as much as possible as they will spike your blood sugar.  You then experience a crash in energy, mood and focus which causes you to crave more fast carbs.

  • the more sugar (carbs) you consume, the more insulin is secreted to clear the sugar from the bloodstream and excess insulin stimulates LPL (the fat storage enzyme)
  • this can lead to insulin resistance which is the inability to properly metabolize dietary carbs & sugars

Low Glycemic

These contain carbs that take longer to break down so will cause only a gradual rise in blood sugar leading to sustained energy, better concentration and mood.