Natural Product Numbers

In 2011, Health Canada implemented a system to control the sale of Natural Health Products by requiring producers to submit their products for testing to verify the validity of the claims made on the container.  If the product passed the test, they got issued an NPN (Natural Product Number) which then made it legal to sell.  This is an expensive and tedious process considering the many & diverse healing properties of various products which would each require its own test. Some producers could not afford or chose not to pay for this by the deadline, which meant that all stock of these untested products were removed from shelves, including those that did not pass these questionable “tests”.

Harmless health supplements are banished from shelves while deadly, addictive drugs by Big Pharma are encouraged for public consumption…

Furthermore, many health benefits can no longer be described on the label because they could not be “proven” as per HC’s tests.  So, over 60 different supplements that had no significant side effects or deaths were removed from sale, forcing people who depended on these products to purchase them from the U.S at a much higher cost, especially considering the exchange rate.  Canada loses millions of dollars each year to the U.S. because of harmless health food products.  However, pharmaceutical companies are happy because our government sanctions their chemical based, dangerous, addictive drugs that are the cause of numerous deaths every day.  But thank God they got rid of those nasty, harmless yet helpful health supplements! (whose sales were eating into Pharma’s profits).

Sick people generate profits for government-backed Pharmaceutical Companies

Canadians & Naturopathic doctors are being restricted and deprived of their right to heal themselves in a holistic manner without the use of drugs because money-hungry pharmaceutical companies know that sick people = money in their pockets. Big Pharma doesn’t make money on healthy people and I look forward to the day we have a government who can see this and has the balls to do something about it.

Fish Supplements

IFSO (International Fish & Oil Standards Certification) guarantee quality, purity & potency for fish supplements

  • look for “molecular distillation” which removes impurities & saturated fat
  • look for “lipase” which is a fat-digesting enzyme
  • look for “enteric coating” which provides targeted absorption
  • fish gelatin capsules are a healthier alternative to other animal-based capsules


For best absorption, take fat-soluble multis with meals or within 30 min. of a meal

  • don’t take B12 or C too close to bedtime as they can disrupt sleep