Lactose Intolerance

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This is a common ailment that afflicts thousands of North Americans.  Lactose is an ingredient found in cow’s milk.  You know, the same milk that our governments have been promoting for years as being good for you and necessary for good health.  The same milk produced by mother cows to feed their calves.  Increasingly, people have been developing illnesses as a result of consuming cow’s milk.  Not only that, our bodies have been rebelling against this consumption with the now common ailment known as “Lactose Intolerance”.

There is a reason for this intolerance and it’s not because you are unlucky.  Your body knows what’s best for it and it is “putting its foot down”, so to speak.  Unfortunately, you are now tasked with checking labels to avoid this ingredient.  And beware, it’s not only “lactose” you need to watch for.  “Whey protein” is a common food additive containing 65-75% lactose and it’s contained in hundreds of pre-packaged foods.  So if you are still not feeling that great after avoiding labels that state “lactose” as an ingredient, you’ll need to start watching out for “whey” as well!