Try going on a Low-Carb diet for a few weeks, you might be amazed at how your skin clears up.  If so, you’ll know to reduce your carbohydrate consumption and just experiment to see how much your body will accept before the acne returns.

Here are some other suggestions that may be helpful:


  • increase your intake of ZINC to decrease the severity of acne
  • make sure you get adequate levels of Vit. A, B & C
  • include linoleic Acid, dietary Aloe gel & Probiotics
  • consume fish oil
  • avoid foods with a high glycemic index like milk & chocolate

Topical Treatments:

  • steam your face with water steeped with 2 bags of Chamomile Tea
  • Aloe Vera Gel and Green tea Extract help fight acne
  • apply Essential Oils like Lavender with Bergamot, Tea Tree or Rosemary with a carrier oil like Grapeseed to help with skin blemishes
  • use Witch Hazel as a soothing astringent
  • use natural acids like Betahydroxy acid to help exfoliate or resurface the skin
  • Apple Cider Vinegar is a great skin tonic
  • Argan oil prevents breakouts and formation of pustules & acne cysts
  • Neem oil is antiseptic, antifungul, antiviral & anti-inflammatory

Hormonal Acne:

  • GLA is an essential fatty acid found in healthy skin, deficiencies will cause dry, wrinkled skin and acne
  • people with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and post-menopausal women cannot make GLA from their food
  • GLA is available in Flaxseed oil and abundant in Borage oil (24%), much more than Evening Primrose oil (8%)