Quick & Temporary Relief

Most pharmaceutical drugs are designed to quickly provide relief for whatever may be ailing you.  They usually target the symptoms and not the cause while at the same time creating unpleasant and sometimes deadly side-effects.  Meanwhile, your body is trying to talk to you to let you know something is wrong while you’re taking a pill that’s telling it to shut up.  The cause of the problem still exists while you become dependant on the drugs that are making the pain go away.

Deal with the cause instead of hiding the symptoms

Try to find out first what is causing your ailment and adjust your diet/lifestyle accordingly to see if your problem subsides or goes away.  If your problem seems serious, see your doctor and listen to their advice, then do your own research and take responsibility for whatever lifestyle changes you can make on your own.  Success here, depends on multiple factors such as how long you’ve been suffering and if any damage has been done.

If drugs are required, keep in mind that generic drugs are just as effective as name brands, but cheaper and more cost-effective, which reduces our health care costs.  So you don’t have to use the brand recommended by your Dr. when filling your prescription.


Recent studies have cast doubts on overall benefits and revealed some serious risks.

  • 10% of people who take statins experience side effects like muscle pain, liver damage, increased blood sugar, memory loss, sexual dysfunction and development of Type 2 Diabetes
  • 30% are more likely to develop cataracts requiring surgical intervention