Kidneys filter our blood many times a day, removing waste and toxins while keeping proteins and cells.  They balance electrolyte and water levels, regulate blood pressure, stimulate production of red blood cells and help convert Vit. D to its active form.

Kidney failure

This occurs when there is an inability to continue filtering blood until waste begins to build up, causing illness


These are usually due to a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) that is untreated; it then moves to the bladder and then to the kidneys

  • symptoms include fever, chills, pain or aching in the back, side or groin area, change in urine colour, pain, burning & urgency when urinating: SEE A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY!


These are formed when metabolic waste products crystallize; 80% are calcium oxalate

  • symptoms are severe pain in the back, side or groin with nausea and vomiting, as well as blood in urine


  • ideally, you want a slightly acid urine by consuming 500 – 4,000 mg of Vitamin C per day
  • get a yearly check-up
  • quit smoking as it damages blood vessels and increases exposure to cadmium (a metal toxic to kidneys)
  • control blood pressure through diet
  • avoid excess sodium
  • lose excess weight
  • exercise
  • manage diabetes or high blood sugar will gradually damage blood vessels in the kidneys

Kidney Friendly Diet

  • Vitamin C helps prevent Kidney Stones because, in urine, Vitamin C binds to calcium and increases the flow of urine which decreases the risk of forming oxalate stones. Take anywhere from 500 – 4,000 mg/day (depending on your diet)
    • those with a rare genetic problem or prone to forming oxalate stones may want to avoid large amounts of Vitamin C
  • drink lots of water
  • drink fruit & vegetable juices, especially orange, grape & carrot juices that are high in citrates as these inhibit a buildup of uric acid while stopping calcium salts from forming
  • Increase your consumption of potassium from foods like bananas
  • cranberries can help prevent UTI
  • probiotics like “lactobacillus” may help prevent recurrent UTI’s
  • supplement with Vit. B6 and magnesium to reduce risk of kidney stones
    • Magnesium stimulates production of calcitonin which draws calcium out of blood & soft tissues to put it back into bones where it belongs. By keeping calcium within this solution, it prevents it from forming into crystals. Green Vegetables, Beans and Nuts are high in magnesium or take 300 mg/day of any of these 3:
      • Magnesium Bisglycinate Malate
      • Magnesium Citrate
      • Magnesium Choride
        • Magnesium Oxide is cheaper but only 5% is absorbed and the rest can cause diarrhea.
  • other herbs that support urinary tract health include dandelion leaf, nettle and uva ursi

Bad for Kidneys

  • avoid excess animal protein: meat is the main source of purines that form Purine Stones
  • avoid high-oxalate foods like chocolate, spinach and some other greens
  • decrease sodium intake
  • Cola drinks contain high amounts of phosphorous which can lead to kidney stones