Autoimmune Diseases

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You Can overcome Autoimmune Disorders!

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If you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, you need to start by removing the toxins that have accumulated in your fat and tissue stores that are causing the inflammatory reaction.

Try following a Doctor-supervised water faste using only distilled or spring water:

  • gradually discontinue medications and adopt a vegan diet long before the fast (7-10 days prior)
  • consume 1 quart (950ml) of water per day for 7 to 24 days while minimizing all activities
  • you will experience a remission from the disease as long as the vegan diet is maintained

The “Hypotoxic Diet” may be worth a try due to astonishing results obtained by Dr. Seignalet’s patients.

Multiple Sclerosis

This used to be a condition diagnosed in people after they turned 40 or 50 years old. Now, even teenagers are facing a lifetime with this crippling disease. And it affects each individual very differently in most cases.

A lack of Vitamin D has been discovered in those suffering from this disease. And there is no denying that diet plays a major role in its development. People who have changed their diets to plant-based whole foods have seen tremendous improvements in their health while other conditions completely vanished!

Other disorders include: Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Scleroderma.